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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Psychic Astrologer Counselor

EMF Subtle Energy Field Protection with Rejuvenizers

Rejuvenizers® Order Form

Personal Rejuvenizer $169

1. Quantity Color Size
2. Quantity Color Size
3. Quantity Color Size

Item Total: $

Personal Rejuvenizer

Picture Rejuvenizer $139.00
Quantity:   Item Total: $
(Dichroic Glass Stone-Image not available)

Cell Phone Rejuvenizer $25.00
Quantity:   Item Total: $
Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® $25.00

Indoor Rejuvenizer $155.00 (for a set of four)
Quantity:   Item Total: $

Indoor Rejuvenizer® $155.00  (for a set of four)

Outdoor Rejuvenizer $145.00 (for a set of four)
Quantity    Item Total: $

Indoor Rejuvenizer® $155.00  (for a set of four)

Circuit Rejuvenizer $65.00
Quantity    Total: $
Travel Rejuvenizer $75.00
Quantity    Item Total: $
Pet Rejuvenizer $65.00
Quantity    Item Total: $
Water Rejuvenizer $ 55.00
Quantity    Item Total: $
Subtotal for all items: $
Plus $7.00 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
International Shipping Available.
Please contact me for a price quote.

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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

6890 E Sunrise Dr. #126
Tucson, Arizona 85750

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