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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Tucson Psychic Medium and Tucson Astrologer

Predictions for 2012 - Psychic Predictions for 2008

Predictions for 2016
By Stephanie Ellen St. Claire


Much of what I say in this post will continue into next year and many years thereafter.  Before I begin, however, let me just say that no matter what difficulties you or those you know are experiencing, I will reiterate something I've frequently said in years past up to the present time and it is this:


It's like the game we all learned in childhood, when we played "make believe". We used to say ABRACADABRA which literally means "I CREATE AS I SPEAK". To say this in another way, "WHAT I SAY, WHAT I THINK, WHAT I BELIEVE, AND HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT ALL CREATES MOST OF MY EXPERIENCES."

So how do we create what we want?? How do we draw to ourselves experiences that create happiness and fulfillment? It's not as difficult as you would imagine. That said, you must be willing to make changes, that's the bottom line.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself a series of questions such as, "Who are the toxic people in my life? Am I ready to let go of them? Am I happy with my job or career? Am I willing to make a change, these sort of questions that require action and change.

Another positive action is to set your INTENTIONS of what you want each and every day. Some examples of how to do this are very simple and easy. Each day we must make it a habit to state our INTENTIONS out loud to ourselves. We must learn to state what we want and then expect it to be so.

For example, we can say such things as: "I'M SAFE AND DIVINELY PROTECTED", "THINGS ALWAYS TURN OUT BETTER THAN I EXPECTED", "I'M ALWAYS AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME", "I PLAN ON HAVING A ZIPITY-DO-DA-DAY TODAY" and so forth. You can make up your own statements. Listen to "happy music", watch "funny movies" or videos that make you laugh. Create your day to day experiences with as much joy and happiness as you can. Put your attention on positive things in your life and in the world. Keep a GRATITUDE JOURNAL, everyday listing 5 things you're grateful for such as admiring a beautiful flower. Being in nature is more healing than anything else we can do.

While what I've stated above is true and works very well, it is also true that we set up certain experiences and events as well as good and bad karma's before we're born because that is how we grow and balance situations from other lifetimes. However, free will comes into play through our choices and decisions, as well as our beliefs, emotions and thoughts about what we meet and how we handle it in any given life.

The bottom line is that even if the outer world is falling apart, you CAN still create a healthy, abundant, vibrant and peaceful life for yourself. So, I ask that you CLEARLY remember this before reading the predictions below. In fact, I'm living proof of this because it's what I believe and practice each and every day of my life regardless of the outer world events. For example, I believe, very strongly, that everything will always turn out better than I ever expected or could even imagine. And, by golly, it does!

However, this is NOT a magic bullet. Each of us has to evaluate and make changes as we go along based on what we know. The more aware we become the better choices are at our disposal. I have changed the way I live my life, not once, but several times in this life. But you must WANT to become aware, you must WANT to know the truth, and you must WANT to make changes. Otherwise, you become stuck in the same old, same old patterns with your head in the sand!


I'm sure most of you are aware of the intense times in which we currently live. With 7+ billion people occupying planet earth, there is a great deal of "crazy" going on. In fact, I would say craziness, insanity and confusion are what drives our reality at this point.

To add to this, the powers that be, are controlling everything and almost everyone by creating many FALSE FLAG EVENTS to keep everyone in a perpetual state of FEAR. In fact, you could say that FEAR dominates this entire planet so that the controllers find it very easy to manipulate everyone into thinking, acting and reacting in a certain way. Their methods are quite effective.

So, you either choose to "buy" into this fear or not. If you don't wish to do so, then you might consider changing the choices you make. You could stop watching or listening to the news, stop reading newspapers, magazines and other such media. They all pretty much say the same thing and repeat it over and over again.

You could stop surfing the internet to find "the truth" of what's happening. Did you know that 75-80% of what's on the internet is false? That people are paid a great deal of money to put out much false information, also known as disinformation, with the sole purpose of keeping everyone totally confused, so that no one knows what is true or what is false. CONFUSION reigns, that's for sure.

You could choose to become more aware by knowing what information is really telling it like it is. There are many wonderful books and newsletters available. I have several links that I send people who really want to know what's going on and are willing to look at it no matter how unpleasant. I believe that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. The more we know, the better choices and decisions we can make in our lives.

The good news is that people are slowly waking up, slowly realizing the deception and deceit that has been taking place on this planet for eons and eons. People are realizing that what they believed to be true and held as sacrosanct is, in fact, false.

Gone are the "good ol' days". We will NOT be returning to things as they "used to be". Earth and all of us here are going through a HUGE transition, a HUGE change. One that has NEVER happened before. It is very easy to see that pretty much everything is falling apart, everything that people valued and believed in. But, I don't see that as a bad thing. I see it as something to look forward to. Who would want things to continue as they are? Not me.

Would each of you not like for things to be more equitable, a return to honesty and integrity, enough for everyone, food, water and air that isn't poisoned? That is indeed ahead but, unfortunately, not for some time. First, everything must fall apart and the dark underbelly must be exposed which is slowly happening now and in the years to come. It isn't a pretty picture.

I will say with GREAT CERTAINTY that the rest of this year, into next year, and for 10+ years hence, will be quite shocking to most people on the planet. There really is no other way to say it. It cannot be sugar coated anymore. It is what it is.

Now, I've thought long and hard about whether I should write what I've written below. Part of the reason I've held off for so long in writing these predictions is because I didn't want everyone to get into even more fear, worry and anxiety. However, I finally did decide to write them so that each and everyone of you will make appropriate changes that will be beneficial for you and your families. Just remember this:



So, here's what I see for the rest of this year and into the next few years:

  • The possibility of one or two major people being assassinated this year, most likely in August or September.
  • The President will NOT be anyone you think it will be or if it is, they will most likely die or be removed in some way.
  • The world economy is close to collapsing. China, Russia and India have the most gold backing their currency, therefore, they will most likely fair better than other countries.
  • Hacking will be an even greater problem then it has already been. By the end of this year, it will be very bad. Many people will get away from online activity and return to "snail mail".
  • The US is on the verge of a stock market and real estate crash that will make September 2008 look like nothing. There is a very high probability this will happen in September or October of this year. Or it could happen sometime next year if the controllers decide to wait until after the election. I KNOW that this is coming; I'm just not sure about the timing or exactly what year this will take place.
The astrological aspects, most especially the Saturn/Neptune square taking place now (this occurred at the start of the great depression in 1929), is back, once again. This does not forebode well for financial markets in the United States or anywhere else in the world for that matter.
  • I would strongly consider moving your funds to a credit union rather than a bank. Be sure to check out each credit union. Here in Tucson, Tucson Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 and is still going strong.
  • I would consider investing in Treasury Bills, not Bonds, some silver, and I would consider converting your pensions, IRAs and other such financial savings plans into Treasury Bills. There are many good and solid companies out there who provide Treasury Bills that you can access at will.
  • I would consider consolidating all outstanding indebtedness into as low an interest rate as you can. If you can pay off all of your bills, loans and mortgages, that's even better. Those who have NO indebtedness will fair better in the long run. Some suggestions for those in need:
    1. Consider selling off newer vehicles and buying older ones in good shape with low mileage.
    2. You might consider selling your house and renting a smaller place as I did last August. Sometimes walking away from a house or property is a good thing.
    3. Consider having an estate or garage sale. Get rid of ALL extraneous things. Simplify your life. LESS IS MORE.
  • There will be CONSIDERABLE HEALTH issues for many people and animals as we've already seen the last few years. Our foods are very toxic as is our water and air supply (chemtrails and radiation). Starting next year, it will be difficult to find fresh fish that is edible, even in Alaskan waters, as the radiation from Fukushima has polluted the air and water pretty much everywhere.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you wish to remain healthy, that you eat mainly organic and, if possible, non-GMO food. There is a new book out, written by Melissa Diane Smith (she lives here in Tucson and helped start the non-GMO awareness movement here several years ago.) You might want to pick up a copy to educate yourself about our food sources. It's called GOING AGAINST GMOS. You can obtain a copy at our local health food store, NEW LIFE, on Speedway and Broadway, or on Amazon.

Most people would be shocked at the GMO laden foods at most restaurants, and I'm not just talking about fast food places. I'm talking about very expensive restaurants here in Tucson and elsewhere. It's extremely difficult to find any restaurant that serves organic or non-GMO meals. For example, almost every restaurant in Tucson serves salad dressings loaded with GMO oils. Some places mix non-GMO olive oil with most GMO oils mixed in with it so that it's not GMO free or organic.

It's an appalling situation since Monsanto has created GMO seeds and is responsible for many products that are full of GMOs in the US. Europe, Russia, and many other countries have banned all GMO products. And they refuse to import produce from the United States. And, here in the US, they won't even allow mandatory labeling of non-GMO products.

I would choose to buy your produce, when possible, from the various Farmer's markets here in Tucson and elsewhere. Make sure the food is grown from Heirloom and/or organic seeds and, if possible, grown locally. Of course, growing your own food is always best. Sometimes locally owned health food stores, like New Life in Tucson, sell only locally grown organic produce.

Local food banks are another excellent food source as are local organic gardener's organizations. Here in Tucson we have the Tucson Organic Gardener's group (TOG).

An excellent source of Heirloom Organic seeds is a local person named Reggie Smith who has an online business called Westwind Seeds. She also sells her seeds at some of the local farmer's markets as well. She's been saving these seeds for over 20 to 30 years, and she really knows what she's doing!

Many pets are getting very sick as well as their human counterparts because their food is loaded with non-benefical ingredients. In my researching, I've found only three brands of canned cat/dog food that are organic and non-GMO. They are:

  1. CocoLicious by Party Animal which is a fairly new family owned business in California. Their food is even made with organic coconut oil. I've spoken with the office manager. He made up a special order for me that I received a few days ago. You can order these products online at http://Chewys.com/. I would ask OKAY Feed and Supply, a store here in Tucson that I love, if they would carry this brand.
  2. Newman's Own (yes, that Newman) - They don't sell this product in Tucson either, and I had to email the company and finally talk to someone who said she would send me a few samples. You can get this product online at Chewys.
  3. Organix by Castor & Pollux, a division of Merrick Company - They sell this non-GMO, USDA Organic certified cat and dog food at Sprouts, Whole Foods and online at Chewys.
  • There will be much news about the animal die-offs in the oceans and waters of the world, especially in the Pacific ocean, but is really happening in all waters.
  • In the next few years, many people will become aware of the highly toxic effect of ALL WIFI devices, from computers, cell phones, and all electronics, including Smart Meters attached to people's houses. Many, many young people will be autistic at birth and will become infertile from these devices as they get older. Many will die very young from the use of them.
  • More and more corporations will be merging so that at some point, there will be very few corporations running the world. This phenomenon has been clearly visible the last few years.
  • Many companies and corporations are downsizing so many jobs will be eliminated in the next few years. This is already happening. The anecdote to this is to look at your skill set/sets and think of ways to utilize them as a consultant or in new creative ways that you've never thought of before, like starting a new business, service occupation, and so forth. Find a need in your local community and go from there.
  • The government is slowly encroaching on every aspect of everyone's lives. Everyone and everything is tracked mostly through cell phones, electronics and satellites.
  • Look for more and more artificial intelligence (AI's) running the world. You would be totally shocked to know how many are already running the military, sports and politics.
  • And, lastly, there is a high probability of war occurring. However, I do know that much is being done behind the scenes, so to speak, to keep this from happening.

So, in conclusion, LET US ALL affirm and visualize that we are only available for a peaceful world, a world of gratitude for our beautiful earth, Mother Nature, free from war, financial disaster, and for the world to become one of harmony and service to others in honesty and integrity. If we all put our INTENTIONS and VISUALIZATIONS toward this end, we can indeed create and experience this type of world.


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